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If you are looking to buy CBD oil in bulk, then you should consider making your own. And one of the ways to make it at home is by using your own equipment.

So what is the first step in creating your own home made CBD oil? Well, the first thing you need to do is obtain the necessary tools that you will need. I personally prefer the use of a blender.

The blender will make the pre-made hemp oil much more concentrated, and as such it will be much easier to prepare the CBD oil in bulk. It also helps if you have an electric mixer on hand.

In addition to these two essential pieces of equipment, you will also need two containers. I prefer to use a bucket with a lid, and you can also purchase a glass jar that will keep your oil fresh for a longer period of time.

Another item that you will need to purchase, especially if you are creating your own CBD oil, is a regular coffee grinder. There are many different types of grinders available for purchase, but I prefer to use a coffee grinder because it gives me the option of choosing the consistency of my own desired grind size.

The second step in creating your own hemp oil is to prepare the CBD oil. In order to prepare your own CBD oil, you will need to ensure that you wash your hemp.

Washing your hemp will also help to ensure that you get all of the CBD out of your hemp and as such this step alone will remove most of the THC from your hemp. This is an important step in preparing your own CBD oil.

Once your hemp is washed, you will then need to chop up your hemp into smaller pieces. I find that a good way to chop up my hemp is to place the hemp between my fingers and spin the hemp in a circular motion. This motion grinds down the fiber on the hemp and I then can easily work the hemp into a fine powder.

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