My Sermon Notebook – What Parents Should Know

My Sermon Notebook

If you are searching for a fun, affordable and innovative product for your children that also keeps them busy, then the My Sermon Notebook is the right product for you. Your children can take their lesson notes in a stylish, leather-carrying portfolio that looks like a real book, yet is easy to carry and access when needed. The My Sermon Notebook allows your children to take virtual sermon notes and keep up with what they are learning, while still giving them something enjoyable and hands-on to perform during their service. The Sermon Notebook comes with several fun and exciting aspects:

My Sermon Notebook: Beautifully Illustrated Sermon Notes Journal With 52 Weeks Of Prompted Sermon Notes Pages (2 Pages For Each Week)

This innovative product gives children the ability to turn their virtual lessons into real life experiences by carrying around their My Sermon Notebook, thus making learning more appealing to them. The notebook also comes equipped with a battery that enables you to use the product on a temporary basis, as well as a high-contrast screen, so you can easily see what your kids are writing. Children love to take notes and this product allows them to do so while engaging in other activities as well. Not only will your children be learning things about the bible, but they will also be learning the important life skills of taking notes and keeping a journal.

If you are looking for a fun and affordable way for your children to learn and grow in faith while providing you with more teaching tools to use in your home, then the My Sermon Notebook is just the product for you. The Sermon Notebook is designed to help children learn more about the bible while at the same time growing their faith. The notebook comes with: thirteen pages of beautiful lined paper, an inspirational song book that provides your children with hours of free entertainment while learning important life lessons, three pages of weekly scripture lessons, as well as a bonus page with a cool musical hymn. In addition to the fun aspects of the product, there are also several exciting features that allow you to keep up with your child as they progress through the weeks and months of using the My Sermon Notebook. When you purchase the product, you will also receive an awesome personalized message card with your very own password that can be printed out and placed under your child’s pillow.

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